Sunday, November 12, 2006

Will The Pope Relax The Condom Ban

Newsday pubished yet another article about the Catholic Church that is just plain stupid. Most of their anti-Catholic loser columnists were let go after the paper was exposed inflating circulation figures, causing millions to be paid out to advertisers that were victims of the fraud, but the paper still can publish crap. Jimmy Breslin is semi-retired, meaning he occasionally will sober up long enough to put pen to paper, mostly to complain about George Bush, something NO other writer does. Ed Lowe is now writing for local papers that have smaller readerships combined than most major blogs. Paul Vitello is writing for the NY Times, working out of Garden City, where he has lunch in the basement of an office building in Garden City looking as haggard as ever. Marie Cocco fell off the face of the earth, while the former editor of Newsday has been convicted of child porn charges. Anyway, the column is just bad, and written by a, wait for it, ..."former religious brother". The actual argument in theology for condom use in marraige or to stop the spread of aids is a serious one, that deserves real writing. This column is just garbage. The opening sentence is straight from the 70's:

"The Catholic Church laid down a tough, absolute law in the 1968 encyclical "Humanae Vitae": no condoms, no abortion, no contraceptives. Never."

The rest of the column is just as silly, stupid, and predictable. At least if they are going to continue to give a forum to people who don't like the Church or her teachings, they should find writers like those in American or Commonweal, who can at least present their arguments intelligently.

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