Monday, February 26, 2007

Double Whammy!

I got to hear Dawn Eden at Faith on Tap tonight, who gave an excellent talk on her book The Thrill of The Chaste. The crowd loved her - especially her recounting the experience of getting fired from the NY Post and when she read excerpts from her book. It was a decent crowd of about 50 people, although there would have been more if the weather had been better. Dawn had to catch a train and the Mrs. and I wanted to get home, so there wasn't much time to talk, but we will meet again.

I also got to meet Leticia of causa nostrae laetitia which was a great surprise. She picked me out of the crowd because she claimed my wife and I "looked like newlyweds" which amused us greatly. She shared some good news about films that are coming out and are family friendly, you can read about one here. Again, there wasn't much time to talk but I am sure our paths will cross again.

UPDATE 3/2 - Leticia has a good description of Dawn's talk at her blog here.

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