Friday, March 23, 2007

Catholic Church stuff -

All of these things should make a Liturgy nut like me happy, the Reform of the Reform is gathering steam! But my reaction to these recent developments has been very muted. I can't help but feel that this has all been said before, all promised before, and no matter how many in the Vatican, including the Pope express the desire for reverence, tradition, etc.. it never seems to trickle down to the parish level. The motu proprio, if it ever actually comes, will be ignored by many bishops. The exhortation will be ignored. The new translation will be ignored. I am very cynical about this because at the parish level the understanding of tradition is almost non-existent.

Speaking of Liturgy, anyone on Long Island know of a parish where the Easter Vigil is 'done up real good'? I would love to go to a parish this year where the Vigil is done well. It doesn't have to be in latin, or with a huge choir, or with chant, at this point I have minimal standards. I have been to my own home parish, as well as my new parish so I would like to try somewhere different this year.

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