Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Thursday

I went to Mass last night at St. Matthew in Dix Hills. Fr. McCartney celebrated the Mass of the Last Supper and 7 other priests concelebrated!. He walked around the Church to wash the feet of 12 people which was different, I have only seen 12 go to the sanctuary where the priest washes their feet. The choir sang Ubi Caritas all in latin during the washing of the feet. The offertory was Panis Angelicus which sounded great. I recognized a few people from the indult Mass sitting in the corner to the right of the sanctuary and realized then that communion would be given at the rail. I didn't move from where I was though and I am glad I didn't. I ended up in a good position at the end of the Mass when the 8 priests, 1 deacon, and 5 altar servers led the transfer of the Eucharist to the chapel. Overall it was a beautiful Liturgy.

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