Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summorum Pontificum

Click on the link above and you will see the words of the long-awaited motu proprio giving priests greater ability to offer the traditional latin Mass. Hopefully, this will go a long way in ceasing the cruel and silly treatment Catholics who desire tradition have received for 35 years. I have my doubts about this since the types of "Christians" that do everything they can to stop traditional Masses from being widely available will not pay much attention to any papal document. However, this motu propio is a great positive step and the Catholic blog world is shouting Deo Gratias for Pope Benedict XVI's pastoral concern in releasing this after much opposition:

Saint Louis Catholic

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Rorate Caeli

For Catholics on Long Island, there is a weekly traditional latin Mass offered at 11 AM every Sunday at the St. Pius X chapel in Uniondale. Booklets are provided so you can follow along, I would suggest taking one of the red booklets as it explains the entire Mass. Each week alternates between a high Mass and a low Mass and there are refreshments after the low Masses.

There is also a traditional latin Mass offered on the first Sunday of the month at Sacred Heart Church in Cutchogue.

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