Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A great post on immigration at Relapsed Catholic

I believe there is a serious problem with immigrants today committing crimes, as anyone who follows the news can see. But the immigrants of old (Italians, Irish and Jewish) were probably worse. The "discrimination" they faced was exaggerated, and probably based on their own bad behavior. I have often said that if I met my ancestors, I would probably not like them and they would not like me. People who are uneducated, whether immigrants or not, often exhibit nasty and self destructive behaviours and are very insecure, leading them to be full of hate. They always blame others for their own problems as well. The problem years ago and today, is not with immigration, it is with the uneducated. The solution is for all to become as educated as their abilities will allow. Higher education must be made more affordable and all parents must value education highly. And everyone must understand that crime, especially violent crime, must not be tolerated.

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