Sunday, September 16, 2007


Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 2007

The St. John’s University School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway Jamaica, Queens, New York 11439

I had listed the panels and speakers for Friday, now I will list the panels for Saturday. The panel on blogging is Panel Sixty-Three.

Panel Twenty-Two: Economics and Catholicism: II
Panel Twenty-Three: Topics in Catholic Historical Research
Panel Twenty-Four: Problems and Prospects in Catholic Education
Panel Twenty-Five: Problems and Prospects of Globalism
Panel Twenty-Six: Eastern Catholic Saints: Developers of Eastern Social Conscience
Panel Twenty-Seven: The Knights of Columbus: Founding, History, Apostolate
Panel Twenty-Eight: Issues of Life and Death
Panel Twenty-Nine: The Sociology of the Two Great Commandments: Shaping the Structure and Function of Society
Panel Thirty: The Voice of the Poor: The Advocacy Mission of the St. Vincent de Paul Society
Panel Thirty-One: Topics in Catholic Psychology: Community and Church Based Counseling Services, Parental Attachment, and Human Formation at a College Seminary
Panel Thirty-Two: Human Society
Panel Thirty-Three: The Sexual Scandal in the Catholic Church Today: Should The Church Oppose Extending Statutes of Limitation?
Panel Thirty-Four: Evangelization through the Airwaves: The Example of Radio Maria
Panel Thirty-Five: African American Catholicism and Catholicism in Africa
Panel Thirty-Six: Faith and Reason in Catholic Thought as Understood by Pope Benedict XVI
Panel Thirty-Seven: Catholics in American History: Perspectives on the Founding
Panel Thirty-Eight: Catholicism Transforming Culture
Panel Thirty-Nine: “An Afternoon with C.S. Lewis”
Panel Forty: The Pius Wars and Sister Margherita Marchione
Panel Forty-One: The Inevitable Metaphysical Connection with Social Science
Panel Forty-Two: Abortion, The Church, and American Society: Past, Present, Future
Panel Forty-Three: The Sociology of New York City
Panel Forty-Four: The Contribution of Frederic Ozanam
Panel Forty-Five: Teaching in the Classroom
Panel Forty-Six: Psychology and Catholicism
Panel Forty-Seven: The Cardinal Newman Society/ The Promotion of Chastity: National and Local Efforts
Panel Forty-Eight: Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, andSocial Policy (Scarecrow Press)
Panel Forty-Nine: Catholic Approaches to Criminal Justice
Panel Fifty: Trends in Sacred Music During the Twentieth Century: An Appraisal
Panel Fifty-One: Roundtable: The Ancient-Moderns Distinction: Catholic Perspectives
Panel Fifty-Two: The Sexual Revolution: How Christians Accepted It and How to Counter It
Panel Fifty-Three: The Legacy of Pope John Paul II Continues
Panel Fifty-Four: A Critique of the Writings of Some Prominent Secular Thinkers: Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Sigmund Freud
Panel Fifty-Five: Catholic Faith and Morals in the Institution of the Family
Panel Fifty-Six: Catholics of the South
Panel Fifty-Seven: Catholicism and Social Work
Panel Fifty-Eight: Resolving Conflict in the Middle East
Panel Fifty-Nine: “Catholicism and Social Science”
Panel Sixty: “Catholicism and the Law: Special Topics”
Panel Sixty-One: Staying the Course! A Tribute to Monsignor George A. Kelly”
Panel Sixty-Two: Attacked on All Fronts: How Secular Ideology is Marginalizing the Rule of Law and Catholic Contributions to Law and Society”
Panel Sixty-Three: The Impact of Catholic Bloggers: How They Are Becoming An Important Alternate Voice in Catholic Culture
Panel Sixty-Four: The Legacy of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI and the Direction of the Church Universal
Panel Sixty-Five: Critiquing MacIntyre’s Critique of Liberalism
Panel Sixty-Six: Critical Issues in Catholic Education
Panel Sixty-Seven: Roundtable Discussion with the S.C.S.S. Sociology Disciplinary Section: “Developing a Sociology Textbook As a Companion Volume for the Compendium of Catholic Social Teachings”
Panel Sixty-Eight : Catholicism and Politics
Panel Sixty-Nine: Economics and Catholicism: III
Panel Seventy: The Use of Virtue in the Treatment of Psychological Disorders
Panel Seventy-One: What Catholics Need to Know About Islamic Jihad
Panel Seventy-Two: Strengthening Catholic Higher Education: A Roundtable Discussion

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