Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the Long Island Catholic:

Dan Schutte, former Jesuit and composer of the songs “Here I Am, Lord,” “Table of Plenty” and “City of God" recently spoke at Good Shepherd Parish in Holbrook. I wish I had known he was coming to Long Island so I could have driven the 20 minutes to Holbrook, went to the talk, and taken the opportunity to throw up on Mr. Schutte's shoes. Payback for all those times his music at Mass made me cringe and think unChristian thoughts.

"The Gospel image of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples is the perfect example for all liturgical ministers, according to Schutte, who asked the participants to think about how they would prepare for a dinner party.

“As good hosts we think about those who are coming and their needs,” he said. “As people of hospitality, as the Body of Christ, we have to think about the same things when we plan the eucharistic celebration.”

(Ok, ok, full disclosure: I sort of liked "Here I am Lord" when I used to hear it in high school sung by the choir)

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