Saturday, April 26, 2008


I thought it would be good to give some shoutouts to good things I have recently seen within the Church:

The Long Island Catholic - this paper of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has improved greatly over the past year. I find the overall feel of the paper to be a bit more proudly Catholic and more interesting even inspiring, with none of the timid feel of the past. Also, the new columnists (who are also bloggers) such as Mary Ellen Barrett and Alice O'Brien Gunther are refreshing voices.

Bishop Peter Libasci - with Bishop Murphy healing from some health problems, Bishop Libasci has seemingly taken on extra roles. He has been doing a lot lately and by all accounts has made quite an impression.

Telecare - I have criticized some of its programming and "Catholic lite" style as opposed to say, EWTN, but Telecare has done a good job with Pope Benedict's visit. Msgr. Vlaun, Sr. Mary Alice Piil and Joe Perrone were interesting as they hosted much of the coverage. I did not get to see much of the coverage however since I left for Pittsburgh from JFK just a few hours after Pope Benedict arrived there, but from what I saw, it was good. Also, I see Telecare is showing the videos from that I have posted about - great to see.

EWTN - what can I say, Raymond Arroyo and Fr. Neuhaus are the perfect tag-team Church events.

The Center for Catholic Studies at Nassau Community College - I have neglected to mention so many of the great events hosted by the Center that I am truly ashamed. Next up is June 21, 2008 - Saturday afternoon Lecture/Panel Discussion /Luncheon: "Communicating the Truth About the Perils and Promises of the Contemporary Bio-Tech Revolution: A Crucial Task for the Catholic Community".

St. Anthony's High School - from the choir that sang at the Traditional Latin Mass at which Fr. Pereda was honored as a Msgr. to the great new chapel they are building this school is truly showing what it means to be Catholic.

I am sure there are many others that could be mentioned but these were just off the top of my tired head.

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