Saturday, June 14, 2008

I did some chores early this morning and was back home at 11 AM watching the ordination of 9 men to the priesthood for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The 9 men were called forward after Msgr. McDonald publically announced their worthiness, and Bishop Murphy began a homily on the priesthood. The screen went fuzzy as Telecare lost transmission and the ordination was apparently not able to be witnessed by so many viewers.

After having dinner out tonight and driving home in a downpour, I turned on Telecare again and the homily is being shown right now, so hopefully I will now get a chance to see the ordination. I attended the ordination of deacons a few years ago, watching the beautiful ceremony from the front row, but I have never seen an ordination of priests before. Please pray for these men, that they become holy priests and serve God well.

UPDATE: They are now praying the Litany of Saints as those to be ordained are prostrate in the aisle of the cathedral. The Litany is not the more modern one ( this is nice - we included this in our wedding Mass), but the more traditional one with no music. Although I like the modern version, this Litany sounds very solemn and is very moving also.

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