Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gen X Revert
6 year Blogiversary
1/18/03 - 1/18/09

My thoughts on turning 6

This blog is now six years old, which in blog years is really 97. Times sure have changed. When I started this blog Long Island was just a collection of strip malls, traffic jams, and fast food joints - now it is soooo much more! There were only 7,254 Starbucks on the Island then but now the chain is finally taking off. In 2003 Newsday was relentlessly publishing anti-Catholic content and today it hardly publishes any content at all. People never dreamed back then we would put a man on the moon, or find piles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And gas back then was only $.20 per gallon and milk was free!

I started out blogging as a fresh faced idealistic kid who never dreamed someday I would own a wife and marry a cat. Back then I would spend countless minutes crafting posts that delved into the very core of issues affecting our Church, our Long Island, and our souls. Today, I simply link to The Deacons Bench and Wikipedia. Over the course of the past 6 years I have grown to have 3 readers and quite frankly, that is too much pressure. But today is a day for celebrating - 6 years of blogging. Now some would say it is time to move on and pass the torch to a new generation, but those people are not me.

So, may this blog live long and prosper, or at least not be the subject of a lawsuit.

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