Friday, February 05, 2010

Sacramental Gatekeeping

There is an excellent post and discussion on Sacramental Gatekeeping over at Creative Minority Report by a guest blogger - Erin of And Sometimes Tea. Basic summary - The hoops that Catholics need to jump through before they or their children receive the sacraments keep multiplying and it can be silly and challenging for good, solid Catholics. For example, parents of 6 children should not have to attend Baptism classes 6 times. These hoops are a result of the failure of Catholics to preserve, protect and pass on the faith over these past 40 years so it is understandable that parishes and dioceses are requiring something from Catholics instead of simply dispensing the sacraments like a divine pez dispenser. The post and comments are good and it is a worthy discussion - there really are many angles to this - so go read the whole thing.

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