Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As Washington mulls reform, Bishop DiMarzio honors immigrants

From the great old Brooklyn Daily Eagle -

"On April, 14, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio celebrated mass in honor of immigrants at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint James in downtown Brooklyn. Called a Catholic Migration Mass, the event took place as lawmakers in Washington DC were considering comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

US Senator Charles Schumer, one of the so-called “gang of eight” senators working on a compromise bill to address the situation of undocumented immigrants, attended the migration mass. “America is a nation of immigrants and nowhere is this more true than here in the great Diocese of Brooklyn, under the leadership of immigration advocate second-to none, Bishop DiMarzio,” Schumer said."

Side Note - the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has one of the best archive search engines anywhere on the internet - I have learned much about my family's history there.  My family were German immigrants in the 1860's and they lived in Williamsburgh over a hundred years ago.

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