Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Fake Catholic Weddings on Long Island

When I was an altar boy I served Mass for a newly ordained priest named Fr. Robert Allmendinger.  He later left the active ministry (I am not sure why) and was featured on a local investigative news feature called 'Shame on You'.  He was presenting himself as a Catholic priest and marrying people but they were later finding out that he was not a priest in good standing.  He now seems to have shorted his name to Robert Allmen and is calling himself a bishop (complete with snazzy bishop type outfit!).  He has a second almost identical website here.  I don't know if he is still doing the rent a priest thing here but he was 'returned to the lay state' as of November 9, 2011.  So he is no longer a Catholic priest, and has not been a priest in good standing from long before that.  I hope Catholics of Long Island realize that this man is not an active Catholic priest and if they want a Catholic wedding it will be inside a Catholic parish. 

Update:  Based on this thread on Liweddings.com some people still think he is a Catholic priest.  Apparently he founded his own church called the Good Shepherd in Hamptons Bays (this is not a Catholic Church).

Related:  Deacon Greg Kandra of The Deacon's Bench discusses the important question of "Why can't a Catholic get married outside of a Church?".


Unknown said...

I too had fallen into this persons trap, he married my wife and I on April 28th 2013 and after I found out that he is not a priest, now I have to renew my wedding vows by a priest because of this lowlife

Gen X Revert said...

Sorry to hear that! Best of luck to you and your wife.