Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nassau County Police Corruption, Again

Newsday and News12 are reporting on a major lawsuit filed due to yet more corrupt Nassau County Police officers.   What should happen, but probably will not is that officer  Anthony DiLeonardo should lose his extremely high paying job (over 100K of course) and be charged with attempted murder and all other appropriate charges.  Nothing has changed much in the Nassau County Police force since the days of officer Greco, the first Nassau County police officer to be charged with brutality.  We Long Islanders have to pay extemely high taxes due to the very overpaid police and school employees and then have to pay even more due to lawsuits filed by innocent civilians victimized by these same rich people.

From the News12 report:

"A Nassau County police officer unlawfully shot and attacked an unarmed man after a night of barhopping and managed to hang on to his six-figure job, Newsday reports exclusively.

Newsday obtained the Nassau County Police Department's internal report into the affair. The report found that officer Anthony DiLeonardo recklessly escalated a roadside verbal dispute when he shot at a cabdriver, Thomas Moroughan, five times, hitting him once in the arm and once in the chest in 2011.

The cabdriver was arrested for assault and reckless endangerment after DiLeonardo accused him of trying to run him down with his cab. Charges were later dropped when prosecutors said there was evidence the officer had been drinking; the report obtained by Newsday notes that he admitted to investigators that he'd had eight to 10 drinks."


Anonymous said...

As a Nassau County Police Officer for almost 20 years and a faithful Catholic I was very annoyed with your broad brushed comments regarding Nassau County police officers. My job just like yours has a few individuals that make poor decisions but the vast majority do the right thing. As far as being rich, ask The family of Artie Lopez how much his life was worth when he was shot last year. I was there that day, were you? Ask the families of the other three police officers that were killed in the line of duty in the last couple of years how much their lives were worth. When most keyboard warriors would run the other way in a dangerous situation we run in. I know you from various Catholic functions and I'm very disappointed with your rash judgement. John, proud Catholic and proud NCPD member

Anonymous said...

Your comments remind me of people that bash Catholicism because there are a few bad priests. The bad priests and those that covered scandals up should be held criminally responsible and the same is true with police officers, teachers, politicians, etc. the vast majority in all of these fields do what they're supposed do. As an orthodox Catholic you sound very much like the liberal media which is surprising and disappointing.

Gen X Revert said...

Look, I of course don't want to disrespect good, honest cops but my reflection is anything but rash. I have the same anger toward corrupt cops as I do towards corrupt priests (who the liberal media are actually right to point out). If I did not respect the job in the first place I would not care about those that tarnish the profession. But no amount of respect will ever help the situation with either group until the evil people are purged out. Just like there have not been many priests, bishops, or Popes arrested for covering up corruption, the cops who covered up the Greco case, and this latest scandal will probably never be punished either. Until your anger at the corruption is greater than the anger at people who point out the corruption, things will never change.