Friday, October 25, 2013

Ave Maria, Florida - a Catholic Town

Calah Alexander, blogger at the great Barefoot and Pregnant, is interviewed at Catholic Stand about what it is like to live in Ave Maria, the town founded by Thomas Monaghan.  It is fascinating because in listening to what she says about kids being able to play in the streets, borrowing from neighbors, and strangers introducing themselves to each other, I hear what Long Island used to be like to some extent years ago.  What was once normal for many parts of the US, is now considered strange enough that it has to be 'created'.  Ave Maria sounds like a nice experiment and I hope it works out well. 

"I think the overwhelming presence of children is the primary thing that makes Ave Maria remarkably different. Kids are welcome everywhere. No one expects you to leave kids at home, or if they do it’s clearly stated and childcare is usually provided. The town events are always family-oriented, there are high chairs in every restaurant, and no one freaks out at a breastfeeding mom or parent dragging a screaming toddler through the grocery store. That’s part of life. We’ve either been there, hope to be there, or wish we weren’t there. Sympathy and smiles all around."

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