Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catholic dorms

Catholic dorms to debut at two secular universities

I am sure there are some positives and negatives to this idea.  The positives would include groups supporting each other in living a Catholic life, the negatives would be a 'ghetto' mentality.  It makes sense to me to do this type of thing because college is a very impressionable time and having a group to help you through it is valuable.   A great idea for higher education at Catholics schools would include the 'households' setup to foster a community environment at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.   

Closer to home there is a new community residence for young adults at the former seminary in Huntington:

WHO can become members?
Catholic Single Professionals between the ages of 22- 35 who:
  • may be interested in deepening their faith.
  • doubt whether they want to remain Catholic.
  • want to learn more about the tenets of the Catholic Church.
  • are looking for a challenge.
  • are looking for a home.
  • are looking for community.
  • are looking to integrate faith in the workplace.
  • are discerning God’s will for their lives
WHAT Can members expect?
  • Daily Morning & Night prayer.
  • Daily Mass.
  • Regular access to Confession & Spiritual Direction.
  • Adoration.
  • Availability of affordable on-site masters programs from ArchNY
  • Shared Meals & Fellowship
  • Events meant to stimulate thought and discussion about the meaning of life/Catholic identity.
  • Opportunities for ministry and mission work
  • Flexibility and freedom around professional and academic schedules.
WHERE are we located? 
  • Former Seminary of the Immaculate Conception – Huntington, NY
  • 220-acre waterfront property
  • Close to beaches and parks
  • One hour east of NYC, close to Long Island Railroad
WHEN can I move in if accepted? 
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and include an interview. Once accepted, arrangements can be made for move-in.
WHY should I consider the Domus? 
  • Pope Emeritus Benedict has called us to open wide the “doors of faith”, to re-encounter Christ Jesus and to solidify ourselves in knowledge and understanding of our faith
  • Blessed John Paul II has called us to a New Evangelization, to go out and be the salt and light that our world, especially our Catholic brothers and sisters need
  • Jesus Christ has commanded us to “Go out and make disciples of all nations…” In our often indifferent and misguided world, having community to strengthen us and temper us to be intentional disciples is needed more than ever.

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