Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reverend Msgr. Lawrence F. Ballweg, 97


I saw on the website of the DRVC that this priest died at the age of 97.  I had never heard of him and was intrigued by his long life, so I googled.  It turns out that he was the priest who testified at the hearings looking into the behavior of the IRS back in 1997.  This was the hearing regarding the IRS' treatment of citizens, not the IRS's treatment of certain non profit groups that was exposed recently.  My favorite quote (I highlighted it below) from Father is from this Chicago Tribune article:  Traumatized By The Irs - 

"They're phantoms," testified Rev. Lawrence Ballweg, a Catholic priest who dealt with the IRS while administering the trust established by his now-deceased mother to benefit the poor. "Nobody ever signs anything."
The IRS threatened to seize his bank account, car and other property before Ballweg straightened out what should have been a simple error. "They made no effort to help me at all," he said. "If I had treated people like that when I was a pastor, my pews would have been empty."

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