Monday, November 11, 2013

The “Fairy-Tale” Prince and the Five Surprises

I recently posted about the Mass being offered for Blessed Karl von Habsburg by the Canons Regular at St. Patrick's in Glen Cove.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the Mass, and I have not seen any pictures made available.  This was one of many Masses recently celebrated for this Blessed Prince, and now via Mark Shea, I found this great post detailing why he was Blessed and hopefully soon a Saint.  Go and read the entire thing as it is very edifying.

"Pope John Paul the Great beatified The Blessed Karl in 2004. The global campaign had begun in 1949 Vienna, Karl was declared a Servant of God in 1954 and one of the two officially-identified miracles needed for canonization has been recognized so far (several more claims are under investigation). His late widow, now The Servant of God Zita, received Vatican assent in 2008 through her abbey. Their power to inspire grows larger every year.

The Blessed Karl’s feast is celebrated neither on the day of his birth, nor his imperial accession, nor his death, but on his wedding day – October 21st – the happiest in his brief life."

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