Sunday, December 01, 2013

Six Tips To Help You Evangelize Lapsed Catholics

Ryan Eggenberger is a young convert to Catholicism and he presents some tips (six) on evangelizing lapsed Catholics:

"The story begins on a plane, as I have found myself spending many hours there recently. I think the Lord has been putting specific people in front of me because He knows that I’ll end up talking to them and hopefully convincing them to go back to confession. And I always ask for such opportunities which He seems to grant. That seems to happen, a lot! Praise God.

Last week, though, another opportunity seemed to present itself. A woman sat next to me – a tall, Australian woman – who was wearing a cowboy hat. I had to make a comment on the hat, because 1) she was the only person wearing a cowboy hat on the plane; and, 2) who wears cowboy hats on a plane? and, 3) I’m heading to Australia at the end of the month for CNMC13. So we’re practically best friends.

Clearly, this woman was interesting to me and has a personality that I wanted to know more about. I opened with a comment on the hat – “What a great hat!”

So we started with small chat. By takeoff though, only five minutes later while still taxi-ing, we dove right in. She inquired about the picture on a book I *by chance* had in my lap, face-up, pointed in a direction she could easily see. The book was Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory."

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