Saturday, February 16, 2019

Traditional Latin Mass at St. Matthew in Dix Hills

Who?: Don’t worry, we aren’t checking id’s. Feel free to join us no matter your age, but please remember the social after Mass is only for young adults.
What?: The Traditional Latin Mass, specifically the Missa Cantata, celebrated by Fr. Michael Bissex of Saint Patrick’s in Huntington.
When?: March 21st. Mass at 7 pm, social following immediately after.
Where?: St Matthew’s Roman Catholic Church, 35 North Service Rd, Dix Hills. Mass will be in the chapel in the Parish Center.

I am actually having trouble keeping up with the recent spate of Traditional Latin Masses in the Diocese of Rockville Centre!  I remember being excited that two priests were being sent to the FSSP to learn the Mass but from these announcements it appears the number of young priests who are able to offer the Traditional Mass has increased by at least three.

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