Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I found this quote regarding Fr. Gommar DePauw who founded an independent traditionalist chapel on Long Island back in 1968.  The emphasis is mine:

"In matters liturgical we are committed vernacularists, but there is no denying the truth of the DePauw contention that the council's Constitution on the Liturgy permits but does not require increased use of the mother tongue.  The character of the liturgy is not a matter to be determined by popular preference, but in view of the Constitution's permissiveness, the Traditionalist request for one Mass in Latin in each parish each Sunday does not seem unreasonable, at least for an interim period in those parishes where there is some demand for such an arrangement.  It took a long time for the bishops themselves to grasp the necessity for liturgical renewal, and yet few of them, it seems to us, are showing sympathetic understanding of the shock experienced by many Catholics who (despite all the pre-council and conciliar discussion) were not prepared for the changes."

The above quote was from the National Catholic Reporter, January 12. 1966. 

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