Sunday, October 05, 2003

A group of us from Faith on Tap went to NYC today for Mass at Church of Our Savior. Mass was celebrated by Fr. George Rutler and was sung. The choir was excellent although we did not know which hymns were going to be sung-they did not seem to be posted anywhere. The homily was first rate as expected, touching on the sanctity of marriage between man and woman. The Gloria and Agnus Dei were sung in Latin and incense was used liberally. In fact, the altar boy who was swinging it during the chanting of the Gospel was so gung-ho I thought he was going to smack the woman in the front row! His surplice was half off his shoulder from the effort. It reminded me of a story about my father. He once swung the thurible so hard at Mass, the charcoal flew out and landed on the rug. A couple of nuns had to run up to stamp out a potential fire. Anyway the Mass was great and the Church is beautiful!

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