Thursday, October 09, 2003

Our Diocese is currently in the process of preparing to have a Synod. My parish just recently had a "listening session" and I really wanted to go to it but it was the same night as the Paul Elie lecture so I choose the lecture. I did not think the listening session would amount to much, but I really wanted to give my $.02 worth. The listening sessions are designed for anyone to give their opinions, and the diocesan website lists any and all comments, no matter how silly or worthless. Under vocations, there are many comments calling for married priests and women priests. Of course, no one lists a single scriptural or theological reason for this, just, we need priests- lets ordain women and married men. At least those calling for married priests are on some kind of ground, since that is part of our tradition. I would have loved to have gone to the session and calmly (shutup! he explained) and rationally (burn heretic burn!) gave my opinion that the parish and diocese should be looking at those dioceses and orders that are successful with vocations and learn from them.

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