Sunday, October 12, 2003

Today's Newsday has an article from Bob Keeler on the Pope's Legacy. At least that is what the title suggests the article is about. It is actually another forum for Keeler, a rigidly liberal Catholic, to spout his anger and hate for the Pope who refuses to get with the times and do whatever Keeler and his ilk want. Like most older dissenters, Keeler is bitter about the Church not changing to become the great social services agency he wants it to be. This is why he is on the Newsday editorial board, so they can use him as their token Catholic to push their agenda. This is the same writer who uses his space in Newsday to call for lay people to give the "sermons" at Mass. Also the same writer who was personal friends with one of the child molesting priests removed from ministry here by Bishop Murphy. He is nothing more than Newsday's water boy who pushes their anti-Catholic agenda for them.

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