Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Guidebook of a Lifetime - The Next One
Anthony DeStefano believes he has a bead on the afterlife. Good news! It’s the heaven of your dreams.

This article features a weird sounding book written by a Long Islander who also works as head of Priests for Life. The priest who reviewed it for the diocese is Msgr. George Graham, who I know to be orthodox and intelligent. Here is a little about the author from the Priests for Life website.

"The book received an imprimatur from the Diocese of Rockville Centre, which means that nothing is in conflict with the church's teachings. "You're not saying that the bishop agrees with everything in the book, but only that it's not in conflict with Catholic teaching," says Msgr. George Graham, who was assigned by Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre to read DeStefano's book and decide whether it qualified for an imprimatur. "We have a great deal of freedom in the Catholic Church. This is an imaginative exercise. 'If I were God, what would I make heaven like?' I think that's what Anthony has done here."

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