Sunday, November 30, 2003

A St. Blog's family discovers Tradition

I have nothing but respect for traditional Catholics -they are partly responsible for my reverting to the faith. This includes Catholics who attend "indult" Masses and those who attend SSPX chapels. I find many of their criticisms, ideas and questions right on and no refutations I have read have convinced me otherwise. All the reading I have done (The Great Facade, etc..) has not convinced me to attend the traditional latin Mass exclusively however. I am lucky as we have an weekly "indult" Mass within a 20 minute drive. I wish my diocese and others were more traditional and orthodox and people really understood the severity of the crisis in the Church. I hope and pray the SSPX will be "reconnected" or "regularized" with the Church or whatever so that good Catholics like the Inmans will not have to fret over decisions on how to find true Catholicism in a parish setting. The idea of an apostolic administration is a good one, and the growth of the traditional Mass and traditional orders is positive. Hopefully there will be less parishes that offend Catholics and send them fleeing to the SSPX chapels but for now I think the traditional groups of all types will continue to grow, and with good reason.

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