Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More thoughts on Mother Angelica, EWTN, and Catholic broadcasting from my reading of Raymond Arroyo's new book-

Mother Angelica fought hard to keep the bishops from controlling EWTN. For awhile the bishops and EWTN tried to work together, with the bishops producing programming and EWTN airing them, but EWTN rejected much of what the bishops had to offer. The bishop's conference wants to make ecumenical programming, and programming that presents all sides of an issue of Catholicism. The result is watered down and pretty much useless for anyone wanting to learn Catholicism, or for anyone wanting to devote their life to becoming a saint. EWTN wants to present Catholicism to those who wish to learn and those who want the whole teaching without dissent or question. You can argue with style and approach to Catholic programming, but I can see what the bishops would have done to EWTN had they had their way because of the local television station of this Diocese, Telecare. Telecare bills itself as "ecumenical programming" and they don't show too many Catholic programs. It does have local Mass, including Masses in Spanish, which are important. But overall, the network does not see its mission as teaching, defending or promoting Catholicism. I don't like any of their programming and when I see Frank Field, a local weatherman, doing a show on health, I wonder why Telecare is airing this?? Basically I see Telecare as a waste of money and I think it would be better for the diocese to produce a few hours of weekly programming that is Catholic and of local interest and show EWTN the rest of the time. Show the spanish Mass, the Mass from St. Agnes, Bishop Murphy's show, the Good News show that highlights stuff around the Diocese and leave the rest to EWTN.

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