Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rebecca at Doxology asks for blogs of reverts (yah!) and converts. Thanks to my Catholic Blog Directory I can list some converts - additions and corrections welcome:

A Grateful Catholic, Grateful Catholic
Against the Grain , Christopher Blosser
Ales Rarus , Eric Williams
An Aid to Memory, David Bennett
Ancient and Future Catholic Musings , Jonathan
Bocca della Verita', Jennifer
Cartago Delenda Est, Matteo
Catholic and Enjoying It! , Mark Shea
Conversio, Catherine the Moody
Converted Journey , Woody Hughes
Cor ad cor loquitur , David Armstrong
Defender of the Catholic Faith , Steve Ray
doxology, Rebecca
Duc in Altum, David Ward
Eutychus Fell: Becoming Catholic , Eutychus Fell
Eve Tushnet , Eve Tushnet
feminine-genius, Genevieve Kineke
Fonticulus Fides, Sparki
Happy Catholic , Julie Davis
Land of Hope and Glory , Charles Everson
Laudem Gloriae , Christine
Luminous Miseries, saintos
Meet Joe Convert , Sean Herriott
Musings of a Catholic convert , Andy McNutt
My Journey to Rome, Rich Maffeo
Pontifications, Al Kimel
Quo Vadis , Nathan Nelson
Quo Vadis? , Chris McAnall
So Let It Be Written…, Darren Cary
sotto sotto, jmh
Southern Catholic Convert, Anastasia
The Cafeteria is Closed, Gerald Augustinus
The Dawn Patrol, Dawn Eden
The History Buff's Traditional Catholic Blog, Rachel
The Sleepless Eye, Kenny Ignatius Augustine
Ut Unum Sint , Bill Cork
Vita Brevis, Gregg
With Issue, Janjan
Young and Catholic, Tim Drake

Updated 9/12/05 - missed three of my favorites:

martha, martha… - Penni
Fructus Ventris - Alicia
The Curt Jester - Jeff Miller

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