Sunday, October 23, 2005

I didn't realize that Brother Hoagland, principal of Kellenberg High School, was on The O'Reilly Factor discussing the cancellation of the senior prom. O'Reilly (Chaminade class of '67) interrupted Hoagland (Chaminade class of '78) a few times but overall was pretty tame. The video and transcript are both available here.

The prom decision was also discussed on the Tucker Carlson show, with Carlson suggesting Brother Hoagland was jealous of the students. He later wrote:

"As for the principal of the school, Brother Kenneth Hoagland, he's worse than I'd realized. Hoagland has refused to meet with upset parents, on the grounds that he's got nothing more to say about the prom. Yet this morning, there he was, basking in his 15 minutes on Good Morning America. What a creep. Is my criticism of Father Kenneth "a direct hit on the Catholic Church"? Only if his behavior is typical of church leaders. And I can't believe it is. "

Carlson's bowtie must be too tight because he is way off here.

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