Sunday, October 23, 2005

Staying The Course With Benedict XVI in a Post John Paul II Church: An Intellectual Celebration of Two Great Catholic Historical Figures

I was able to attend part of this conference of the Nassau Community College Center for Catholic Studies on Saturday morning. I heard Cardinal Avery Dulles speak and Fr. James Massa give a response. The topic was "The Legacy of Pope John Paul II". Fr. Fessio was unable to deliver his talk since he had to stay in Naples, Fla. at Ave Maria for the impending hurricane. I had to leave before Kenneth Whitehead gave his talk which was "The Prospects of a Benedict XVI Pontificate". I attempted to take some notes which I will post but have been out of practice for quite some time. Perhaps the many Kellenberg and Chaminade students who attended took better notes. (Some of the brothers and priests from these schools were there, including Brother Kenneth Hoagland of Senior Prom fame). Overall, this was an excellent conference and it was very well put together by Dr. Joseph Varacalli, one of the most gracious men I am lucky enough to know. His new book called The Catholic Experience in America will be published around 11/30/05.

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