Thursday, November 10, 2005

"I did not have sex with that woman. Ms. Lewinsky"

Hofstra University started their presidential conference on William Jefferson Clinton today. They will study his presidency for 3 days. In the end, all of Clinton's accomplishments as president, and there were some, will be forgotten and he will be remembered as a man of no integrity, a liar. Years from now, after he is dead, he will still be known as a liar. That is what he is. I do believe Clinton/Gore did some good things in their 8 years, especially in attempting to make the government more efficient and in keeping things fiscally straight. They also turned their party to the middle just as Reagan turned his to the right. Obviously the shape this country is in now is not where we were during the 1990's and we could use a little of the direction we had in those days. But I am sure there are men and women who can lead this country in this direction with integrity and honesty. I wish people who run for office, or lead companies would at least attempt to be honest.

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