Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I saw a talk last night at Hofstra University that featured Archbishop Joseph M. Zycinski, Ph.D. of Lublin, Poland. He spoke on "The Evolutionary Genesis of the Human Person in the Evolving Universe." He was only able to answer a few questions and then had to rush off to Newark airport, because apparently he had been summoned to Rome. He seemed to not want to talk about Intelligent Design at all, but one of the young people there asked about it after he had left. Bishop Murphy was there and tried to answer a couple of questions but he really couldn't speak much on science and religion as that is not his field. Anyway, one gentleman said that the randomness of the universe seemed to preclude miracles and the existence of a God. He cited the tilt of the earth's axis as being just right for life, the distance from the sun, etc... but I have seen these very same things mentioned as things that point to a God.

I understand Zycinski also spoke at the seminary on Sunday. I think Bishop Murphy is really using his influence to get some good speakers to our seminary, as I have noticed both Fr. Groeschel and Cardinal Dulles gave talks there over the past couple of years. This is quite the change from the days when Fr. Richard McBrien was invited there. Bishop Murphy continues to impress...

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