Sunday, January 15, 2006

"At her inauguration Monday, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said the public "bestowed upon me a trust that I will not take for granted." But by the end of the week, she had already undercut that promise. Rice is making a mistake in hiring her brother's wife as a $95,000-a-year executive assistant. "

Dennis Dillon made a reputation for himself by being completely above the board and by keeping political patronage out of the DA's office. Dillon was a blessing for Nassau residents: a life-long democrat who switched parties simply because of his deeply held beliefs on abortion. He was not a loyal democrat or republican but that made him a great DA and a great person. People in Nassau understandably felt the need for change after having the same DA for 30 years. Now, we end up with a typical politician as DA - someone who hires their own relative. Newsday also informs:

"Rice, who pledged during the campaign not to make any political appointments, also hired Jeff Stein, former executive director of the Nassau Democratic party and the Democratic elections commissioner, to be her chief of administration. Rice defended that decision, saying Stein chose to leave politics behind."

Based on these two appointments by Rice, I wonder whether we will go back to the bad old days of political corruption in Nassau.

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