Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bishop William Murphy Names New Seminary Rector

This is good - Msgr. McDonald is known for his orthodoxy. His parish is where a Novus Ordo in Latin is celebrated with chant (The Recovering Choir Director used to be in the choir there). Also, this parish has offered to be the host of the traditional Latin Mass for the Diocese so it can be celebrated in a parish Church. The interim administrator, Fr. Pereda, offers the traditonal Latin Mass for the Diocese in a chapel of a former school. Msgr. McDonald does not have the usual academic credentials for being a seminary rector but that is not necessarily a bad thing. He is known for encouraging young men to consider the priesthood. He will be able to keep the seminary on the path it has been on for a few years now. They now have Msgr. Fink as the spiritual director, who is also excellent, so things are looking up there.

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