Sunday, March 05, 2006

Diocese of Rockville Centre stuff:

Bishop William Murphy issued a new pastoral letter entitled, “United in Heart and Mind.”

Bishop Murphy was an excellent speaker at Faith on Tap last Monday. He has announced in his pastoral letter that the Diocese will have its first Eucharistic Congress starting on June 3. There will be a Diocesan pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady in Eastport to start it off. It will not be possible for me to attend since that happens to be the date I will be gettin' hitched.

Diocese of Rockville Centre Conducts Conference About Human Sexuality

Christopher West will be doing his two day Created and Redeemed Seminar at Kellenberg. I will be able to attend this with my fiance. It is almost impossible to describe the difference in the Diocese today than when I first was returning to the Church (around 1999-2000). Those who live in Dioceses with lots of dissent, corruption and official silliness, take note: things can improve rather dramatically within a few years. (LA Catholics I am talking to you, keep hope alive! Keep hope alive!) Ok, it's late I am going to bed.

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