Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From the I'm Stuck On An Island With Morons File:

Man accused of hitting toddler while shouting ethnic slurs in Patchogue

A Bellport High School custodian was arrested Tuesday and charged with molesting a little girl.

Christopher Parrino, 37, confessed in January to driving with Pelosi to the East Hampton home of millionaire financier Theodore Ammon on the October 2001 night Ammon was killed.

Police say it appears the baby was thrown from a car window on Sunset Drive and was run over several times before the remains were discovered

I really wish I could write a book about all the evil, horrible, nasty, racist, lying, conniving, shallow, envious morons I have met here. Don't get me wrong, I know plenty of nice people too, but Long Island sometimes seems to just be one big Jerry Springer Show reject depot. Let me put it another way: I used to work with Joel Rifkin, the serial killer who killed 19 prostitutes, and he wasn't so bad compared to some people I have met.

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