Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Luck of the Half-Irish

The music selections for our Nuptial Mass should be finished soon, and I will post them. We are very lucky in many ways - the priest will be great, the church is beautiful, the music at the parish is excellent, and many people who we were not sure could make it are indeed coming. No major disasters have occurred in over a year of planning. Things are going well, almost too well for me. An example or two: When I called to make the final payment on the honeymoon cruise, the travel agent told me the cruise line had cancelled our reservation because they never received the deposit. He was sure he put it on my credit card, and the cruise line never told him or us they were cancelling our cabin. It turns out the charge was approved but the cruise line never charged the card in error. I never noticed the charge was not on my credit card statements. So, my agent pushed for an upgraded cabin (same exact cabin but two decks higher) and got it for a reduced rate for his trouble. This was great. Another example was the catering hall, which is great but has a small cocktail hour room. We went there the other day for something and there was all kinds of construction going on. It turns out they are doubling the size of the cocktail hour room, improving the disabled access ramp, and paving the parking lot. It should all be done in time for our wedding. Third bit of luck - there was a Long Island wide disaster drill to be hold on our wedding day and it has been changed to another weekend.

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