Sunday, October 08, 2006

I just found a website for St. Pius X High School in Uniondale. This was the prep seminary school in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, closed in 1984. The nice website advises:

"With approximately 100 in the total freshman class each year (and a mere 300 in the entire student body) only about 2000 students in total ever attended St Pius in its 20-year history. Only about 1200 managed to make it from freshman year to graduation."

"With the closing of St Pius in 1984, alumni were placed on the endangered species list. For this reason any loss over the years is taken that much more to heart. On 9/11 three were taken from our small ranks."

The site mentions about 60 alumni gathered for a reunion last year which is a great percentage considering how many total graduates there are. Since my Catholic High School, Chaminade, has a huge and active alumni base, I am always aware of how cool it is to have a connection to so many other people. When a school is unique and tough to get through, it creates a bond between graduates that stretches across generations. I like to see reunions of students from Catholic schools that have closed and am glad to see the St. Pius X reunion will be held at Kellenberg, so the men can see good Catholic education continuing on Long Island.

One more quote from the site:

"As a prep seminary St Pius was producing a disappointing number of priests, certainly a factor in determining the school closure. But St Pius never disappointed in producing good people. Good guys. Christi simus non nostri."

Nicely put. Perhaps a graduate can translate the latin phrase?

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