Thursday, January 18, 2007


Any moron can have a blog, it takes a special one to keep it going for 4 years!

This blog started on 1/18/03 with the following post:

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a 32 year old cradle Catholic who "reverted" about 3 years ago. I have enjoyed reading the many Catholic blogs and figured I would try it out. Let me start by thanking those bloggers who have educated me, enlightened me, infuriated me, made me laugh and reminded me how awesome it is to be Catholic ( even now). Thanks:

6 of those 10 are still active, a few have different names and addresses. This blog was Gen X Revert for most of the time, I changed the name only recently to focus more on Long Island, after having pretty much said everything I have to say on the "revert" and Gen X things. I started this blog after discovering Catholic blogging through Gerard Serafin (Bugge)'s list of blogs. After Gerard died, I tried to replicate his list and that Catholic Blog Directory is currently maintained by Andrea out in California.
Catholic blogs took off during the priest sex scandals because Catholics needed to vent, correct the record, and comment. I enjoyed commenting at various blogs and felt I wanted to share some more with people by creating my own blog. I had 16 years of Catholic school under my belt and it was a very good experience so I wanted to share that with people as well. When I rediscovered Catholicism I found a whole world of ideas and I wanted to share my new "discovery" with others. The breadth, scope, and depth of Catholicism is not obvious to those who only know of what goes on in the Church by reading the mainstream media.
In these four years I fell in love, married, and got a new job. I am very happy to say the least, and hopefully I can say the same thing four years from now!

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