Friday, January 19, 2007

The National Catholic Register has been doing an ongoing series on the US Dioceses with the most Catholic elementary students to see how their textbooks conform to the Bishops' standards. When the series started they mentioned the Diocese of Rockville Centre would be looked at and the article has finally appeared:

"Even though the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s textbook policy requiring materials in conformity with the Catechism has only been in effect since Sept. 1, 2005, every parish or school checked by the National Catholic Register was found to be in compliance. "

The article is a little disappointing since it lumps DRVC in with the Archdiocese of NY and is a little light on facts. What parishes were checked, what schools? What textbooks were in use? How was the change to conformity with the Cathechism perceived by teachers and parents? The only person quoted is the director of catechesis for the Diocese. I would have liked some quotes from teachers, parents, etc.. Anyway, it is good to know the elementary schools are using approved textbooks. The high schools don't have to yet as there are not enough texts on the Bishops' list yet. Any move to orthodoxy is good for all. If any readers can enlighten me about what books are used in schools on Long Island please comment here.

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