Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christ is Risen! He is truly risen!

I went to Easter Vigil last night at St. Kilian parish in Farmingdale. It is a beautiful Church lined with statues and a large sanctuary. According to the parish history on its website, the Church looked like an auditorium before its renovation, so they did an excellent job. Only the ceiling in the main section of the Church reminded me of an auditorium. The vigil had 4 priests, and 1 bishop and 5 deacons. The altar servers did a good job with so much to do- lighting everyone's candles during the service of light, ringing bells at the Gloria, kneeling with the giant candles at the Eucharistic Prayer, incensing at the elevations, etc.. The choir sounded excellent chanting the psalms in between the readings (there were only 3 done). This Liturgy nut enjoyed both Holy Thursday Mass and Easter Vigil - feel free to describe what you saw this Triduum/Easter Sunday at parishes on Long Island.

Now it is off to Easter Sunday Mass with the wife and then to dinner with family. I am going to beat my nephew and niece at Life if I have to play 100 games!!

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