Thursday, April 12, 2007

Justice is a favorite topic of mine and today there are a few justice stories going around:

The Duke lacrosse players finally had all charges dropped and were declared innocent, which was obvious to all after the late Ed Bradley's 60 Minutes piece. Perhaps they have learned a tough lesson in life: don't ever hire a stripper, as they tend to be skanky, lying, conniving, uneducated whores. Also, people are often accused of things they did not do, particularly by uneducated people.

Don Imus was finally fired for being a racist jerk. This is also not news to anyone who paid attention. I had to laugh when I saw this article about Fr. Hartman of the God Squad and a racist incident on the show that caused him to leave the studio.

"Today was a disappointing moment, the lowest point in our appearances," said Father Hartman, regarding McGuirk's imitation of New Jersey Nets forward, Jayson Williams. "It was the most direct form of bigotry. I don't agree with what he said. It's against what I believe in and what my Church believes in. And I'll do something about it in my own way. I have to think and pray about what happened. If that is characteristic of the entire show, then we couldn't be on the show, but I don't believe it is." (my emphasis)

This was from May of 2000! And here is an article from 1999 about Philip Nobile who wrote to Bishop McGann complaining of Fr. Hartman appearing on Imus' show.

"Nobile has written the pair and sent two letters to Hartman's superior, Bishop John McGann of Rockville Centre, N.Y. In his first letter to the bishop, Nobile accused Hartman of "giving scandal by his association with Don Imus, the most powerful and active white racist and homophobe in the American media."
Nobile, who holds a theology degree from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, contends that the Imus show "routinely smears racial minorities, homosexuals and the handicapped with vicious and vile remarks that should shock Catholic conscience."

Of course, Bishop McGann was famous for ignoring complaints of Catholics when it came to priests, as the Suffolk County Grand Jury Report on sexual abuse of minors by priest showed.

All of the people who were frequent guests on his show knew the deal, and they supported the racism by their presence. It is about time justice was served to Imus, who was always a rotten person to those around him.

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