Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From Newsday:

Mayor of tiny LI village apologizes for anti-Hispanic comments

Manorhaven Mayor Nicholas Capozzi was tape recorded saying:

"Do you drive down that --- block? It looks like --- Harlem. It looks worse than Harlem. It's a --- hole over there."

The online story at omits three things that are in the print edition:

1) That he was also tape recorded admitting that he allowed someone to break the rules of the town because he was a political supporter

2) That a man who "shares a ranch house with Capozzi" was arrested for threatening to kill a critic of the mayor

3) The picture showing him to be an ugly, fat pig-like creature.

This article details the arrest of the mayor's house mate.

" Richard C. Li was arrested July 17 by Nassau police and charged with harassment, and is scheduled to appear Aug. 4 in First District Court.
Neither Li nor Mayor Nicholas Capozzi, who lives in the six-room ranch Li owns on Sagamore Hill Drive, returned calls seeking comment"

"Grenfell said Li rushed up to him as he drove into the parking lot and began punching the side of the car while yelling, 'You'd better get out of here if you know what's good for you or you're a dead man.'
Michael Davenport, one of three witnesses police interviewed, said Li shouted profanities at him and two others who carried signs supporting Grenfell's campaign. 'He was cursing at us, telling us to leave,' Davenport said."

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