Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From the VOTF Long Island "Faith Convention"

David Gibson on electing Popes: "Noted that the white smoke tradition for announcing the election of a new Pope is only about 100 years old, but the Church makes it seem as though it has been around from the very beginning." [Citation please]

Gibson again on Pope Benedict: "The Pope is a cultural Catholic – no conversion experience. He cannot accept the past errors of the Church with respect to anti-Semitism and the response to the Holocaust. Benedict is focused on the beauty in the Church. He is enshrined in ecclesiology. Benedict is old fashioned and conservative – activism and reform are out of bounds. He does not have his finger on the pulse of the laity." [???]

Camille D’Arienzo on why she should be allowed to give homilies instead of the priest: "It is very important that they hear good homilies. Some priests and deacons are not gifted in this way. There is also the problem of the priest shortage and the number of priests whose first language is not English [Racism anyone? Xenophobia anyone?] So un-ordained, qualified, enthusiastic preachers should be considered as an alternative. She enjoys her one-minute Catholic commentaries on 1010 WINS each week [I think they are trite and boring], but would prefer the pulpit and is available"

Richard Sipe: "Claimed that the Church is wrong about sex."

"Each of us has the capacity to determine what is right and what is wrong."

Is VOTF still wondering why they can't attract young people????

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