Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Diogenes on 'lay pastoral ministers' at Off the Record:

"When they were first dreamed up by woozy ecumenists in the years of the Second Vatican Council, lay pastoral ministers were (in Jerry Fodor's phrase) "a cure for which there is no adequate disease." We have the post-Conciliar liberal episcopacy to thank for working unremittingly to introduce the desired illness: they managed to empty the seminaries with a swiftness no persecution could rival. And finally, having presented us with the disease, they gleefully produce the medicine. "

I realize that we have this situation here on Long Island where the liberals ran the Church like the Soviet Union until Bishop McGann died. There are many Catholics (mostly older women) who are waiting breathlessly for their opportunity to take control of parishes where there is no priest available. But, I wonder if orthodox, traditional lay people were able to get their hands on these positions whether the same support would be offered?

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