Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ever notice how mafia figures always claim to be too sick to go to jail when they are old? Apparently, molesters pull the same trick. Barry Ryan, a former priest who molested a 5 year old boy in Suffolk County, after the boy's family allowed Ryan to stay at their house while he was suffering from cancer, has moved to Missouri.

Newsday reports:

"That prompted Suffolk County Court Judge Ralph Gazzillo to issue a warrant for the priest's arrest, a move that was praised by the victim's family."

This is August 2nd, 2007.

But notice what this article from 2005 says -

"Gazzillo sentenced Ryan to the negotiated sentence of 2 years.
But Ryan is not expected to see the inside of a prison, said Rosamaria Abbate, the Suffolk prosecutor who handled the case.

His terminal illness may take his life before the date he is supposed to go into custody, which Gazzillo set for July 7, 2005."

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