Thursday, August 16, 2007

From Newsday:

A player for the Long Island Ducks was arrested (and suspended) after "charging the mound and injuring two players with his bat". The Long Island Ducks is a minor league baseball team that has been an awesome success story here in Suffolk. Frank Boulton, the owner of the team, tried to bring a minor league team to Long Island years ago, first in Nassau where the politicians were less than helpful. His Albany-Colonie Yankees moved to Norwich, CT when they could not be brought to LI, but years later the Ducks were created and the games have been sold out since. Two of my family members made a living in minor league baseball for some years and I always enjoyed going to the games. The Long Island Ducks stadium is nice, clean, and the games are fun to go to, even for families. This is why this incident is so bad. I have mentioned my annoyance before when jocks do not get charged with crimes when they commit them on the field, so I am glad to see the player was arrested.

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