Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pope Elevates 23 New Cardinals

The above links to the Associated Press story on the consistory held in St. Peter's Basilica. Important highlights are:

The first Cardinal in the south of the USA (Dinardo of Houston) which reflects the growing population of Catholics down there.

The first Cardinal in Iraq (Emmanuel III Delly), which reflects the suffering of the people of Iraq, especially Christians who are being slaughtered almost out of existence.

Less important, but very good to hear, is the description of the vestments worn by the Pope:

"Wearing resplendent golden robes and a 19th century gilded bishop's hat once worn by Pope Pius IX"

"Benedict's vestments were particularly ornate: He donned a long, golden silk cape, embroidered with scenes from the life of the saints that was held up by two altar servers as he processed down the main aisle."

This is the another sign that the era of "Marini I" is over, and the era of "Marini II" begins. For those not familiar with the background of this Good Marini/ Bad Marini stuff, click here to read about it on

Or to put it simply:

Marini I -

Marini II -

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