Monday, February 18, 2008

Fr. Mason, pastor for 31 years at Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park, is retiring. There are Catholics outside its boundaries who go to OLL as well as Catholics within its borders who go elsewhere. I know good Catholics on both sides of this divide and do not know much of the details about what went on at this parish, but I know years ago there was quite a divided battle there. Hopefully, the new pastor will be able to bring all sides together somehow.

UPDATE: In reading the bulletin, OLL is having the Legionaries of Christ give a Lenten evening of reconciliation this year. I have seen a couple of events by the Legionaries of Christ recently in DRVC. This is new because this growing religious community was (I believe) banned under Bishop McGann. I have long thought it would be great to have the LOC take over a parish here on Long Island. They would no doubt gain seminarians for their order, as well as inspire men to the priesthood for the Diocese. They are headquartered in CT. just a couple of hours away, and have a huge place in Westchester, even closer. Perhaps OLL can become a LOC parish? This would be great for the Legion as well as the Diocese.

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